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BSI is a non-profit organization assisting with payday loan consolidation and relief.

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Payday Debt Consolidation

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Consolidate multiple payday loans into one low monthly payment or reduce your payment amount.

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Eliminate late fees on payday loans, make one reduced monthly payment, and keep more of your money for yourself and your family.

Immediate Payday Loan Consolidation and Debt Relief

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BSI is a Non-Profit Payday Loan Debt Consolidation Company that Cares.

We understand that situations may arise where assistance consolidating payday loans or other debts is needed.

We’ll be happy to help you right now with unsecured loan relief and forgiveness.

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Improve Your Financial Situation

With the help of a payday loan relief plan, your financial profile will change for the better very quickly by paying principle instead of only paying interest and finance charges.

Simple Plans to Offer Fast Debt Assistance and Relief

Payday loan assistance programs often save borrowers over 500% APR annually that results in paying off your debt up to 10 times faster than if you did not seek relief or consolidation of your current unsecured debt obligations.

Benefits of Our Loan Consolidation and Relief Programs

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Payday Loan Relief

More than 10 U.S. states and districts have declared it illegal for payday loan companies to operate within their state due to what is know as “predatory lending”. Predatory lending is the act of charging enormously high interest rates, often masked by short term loans that hide annual percentage rates that often exceed 500%.

The process of consolidating payday loans using a reputable loan consolidation company is usually the best method for unwinding these difficult and often unfair loans and their predatory terms.

Consumer Resources: Advice for Relieving Payday Loan Debt

A Summary of Benefits

Our mission is to inform consumers that they have choices and multiple programs available to deal with current debt, especially unsecured short term debt like payday advances, payday loans, and similar borrowing tools. The belief is that understanding your options will help you better manage your debt so you can achieve and maintain financial security. We understand that financial issues and challenges can cause consumers to turn to these lending instruments for a quick bailout and often do not fully comprehend, or have not been fully informed of the interest charged or other details regarding the repayment of an unsecured debt.

Reputable, non-profit, national payday loan relief companies exist to assist borrowers with consolidating existing loans through programs and solutions that are geared towards the consumer. Debt solution companies like BSI advocate for the consumer with free advice and outreach programs, which include seminars, walk-in facilities, newsletters and online materials for the purpose of providing forgiveness, relief and other forms of assistance that are available for often high stress loans such as payday loans and short term loans that usually provide short term relief but also include hefty repayment terms that create a larger burden going forward. This sequence often creates a never-ending spiral of financial despair.

BSI works hard to insure that consumers receive every opportunity to reverse the predatory lending practices of such lending tactics. BSI is a certified non-profit organization with the sole purpose of advocating for consumers to resolve such issues in a manner that is most advantageous and suitable for said consumers.

BSI counselors are trained by the National Institute for Financial Education, which mandates a demonstrated knowledge of current consumer credit issues, creditor practices, and money management. Credit counselors are educated with proper credentialing and ability to serve the public on a wide range of relevant topics such as recent and pending legislation on credit reporting, collections, consumer protection, disability, bankruptcy, and more.

Choosing BSI to review and advise on your debt situation is confidential and risk-free. The review and advice we give is free of charge and the programs available provide an immediate reduction in payments which allows consumers to win back their financial freedom while reversing the harsh consequences of high stress, and sometimes predatory lending practices.

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BSI is a BBB rated company with an A+ rating that can be reviewed directly with the Better Business Bureau by clicking here.

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“Representation through BSI is a meaningful step towards regaining your financial freedom from aggressive, sometimes predatory, short term payday lenders. Our solutions will provide an immediate savings and relieve the overburdening stress of such high interest loans. Contact BSI for a free review and advice for recouping from a difficult financial situation. Simply put, we are here to help you, the consumer.”

Fast Payday Loan Relief

*We never share personal information.